Updating Angle

Why do I have to update Angle?

You don’t, but it might be a good idea to do that from time to time. We are constantly working on improvements to our software and we publish software updates accordingly. These updates usually bring new functionalities, improve the existing ones and fix bugs. Therefore, it is advisable to update Angle occasionally.

How can I update Angle?

It’s easy. Angle has a built-in automatic updating function. So, if your computer with Angle is connected to the internet, just choose the “Check for updates” option from the “Help” ribbon tab and Angle will contact the update server over the internet to check if there are updates available. If yes, you will be prompted if you would like to install them or not.

Can Angle automatically check for new updates?

Yes. Angle has a built-in automatic update function. In the configuration dialog box just choose how often you would like Angle to automatically check for updates.

My computer is not connected to the internet. Is there other way to update Angle?

Of course. Just download the latest installation file from our site and use it to re-install Angle. There is no need to uninstall the current version beforehand.

My computer is connected to the internet, but I still cannot update Angle.

This is most probably due to security restrictions on your computer/network. For example, your antivirus/firewall software might block Angle accessing the internet and/or downloading files, or your system administrator removed some privileges. Please contact your system administrator for help or download Angle from our site and use this file for update.

Also, depending on the internet connection you are using on your computer, it might be necessary to change the setup of the proxy server. Angle will, by default, use the proxy parameters defined in the system, but you can set parameters manually, or disable the proxy from the configuration dialog box. If you are unsure about any proxy parameters, please consult your system’s administrator.

I downloaded Angle from your site but I cannot update it?

This is most probably due to security restrictions on your computer/network. You might not have the rights to install software on your computer. Please contact your system administrator for help.

Do I have to uninstall my current version before updating it with the new one?

No. Simply run the installation file and Angle will update your existing copy.

Will I lose my data after update?

No, you will not lose the data. All your data will be preserved.

It seems Angle 3 is not able to install the updates successfully. Is there any action I could take to fix this?

The reason why this is happening in older versions of Angle lies in Windows security levels (Windows Vista and newer versions). There are several ways to overcome it:

  1. Download the latest version from our site and simply reinstall Angle
  2. Run Angle as the administrator when you want to update it (right-click on the Angle icon and select the Run as Administrator option).
  3. Give write permission to the Angle folder – Right-click on the Angle folder, choose Properties, and then on the Security tab click on the Edit button. A new window will open where you can give rights to users. Select your username, or Users for all users, check Full Control and click OK.

For all three ways you will need administrator rights. If your user is not an administrator, then you’ll need to ask your system’s administrator to do this.

The third method is recommended, since you need to do it only once – if you choose methods 1 or 2, you’ll have to use them each time you want to update Angle.